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Along with your roof, your property’s exterior envelope is a key component for keeping out the elements. Depending on the region, the property’s exterior should be suitable for the range of weather conditions and be suitable to sustain storms, winds and years of abuse. Due to its resilience to heat and direct sunlight, the stucco system is highly popular in the southwest states. Stucco, a cementitious building material, is made of aggregates, a binder, and water. Depending on the application, other elements of the mix can be added to optimize application, durability, and to enhance a more workable finish. Our team of artisans can apply the most popular finishes such as Santa Barbra smooth, Sandflow Finishes. Stucco is applied strategically to take advantage of its property as it cures. One characteristic of line-based stucco is that over time, it actually hardens to a very dense solid cement.

Great Protection Paired With Visual Appeal 

In addition to its protective qualities, stucco can serve as an important architectural element. Areas of your home with an outdated style of stucco, brick, or siding can benefit from a refresh with our whole gamut of finish colors. Top Stucco manufactures catalogs Stucco usually refers to an exterior coating and because of its ability to withstand water, is also increasing in popularity as an interior finish. This is especially true in areas of walls that need extra durability. Some stucco products are even suitable as a replacement for surrounds and tile in shower and bath stalls. Stucco gives a high end look the matches a more contemporary aesthetic. Mixed and matched with other colors and textures, it is a versatile coating that extends your investment.


We Can Repair Your Stucco Too
Our holistic approach to repairing stucco centers around the identification of the degradation. Often, stucco that requires repair is a result of moisture intrusion and can be evidence of a bigger issue. Also, conditions like high acidity of the soil along with the presence of certain minerals around the footing can accelerate degradation. Our team won’t just fix the issue and make your property look wonderful, we will also prevent future repair by addressing the underlying cause. If there is a portion of the your wall that is peeling cracking or oxidizing, repairs should be carried out as soon as possible. By waiting, repair complexity can only worsen. Cracks may form in the stucco due to building settling or direct damage to the exterior coating. Once water is able to breach the coating, whether through an opening in the stucco itself or from beneath its surface, fragile stucco will begin to buckle and crumble. Wood is a common structural material that is often used as substrate beneath stucco. It can absorb moisture from at or below ground level and draw it away from the original source of the problem. Stucco, when applied to masonry such as brick or stone, can also be damaged by moisture infiltration. Depending on the extent of the damage to the finish, various repair remedies are available. Small hairline cracks may be sealed with an additional layer of finish coat.




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