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October 16, 2018
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Solar energy has brought the new sensation in the construction industry and provided the existing and new homeowners to have an impeccable alternative of the conventional means of electricity. As a renewable energy, solar panels have been gaining flourishing hype among the people and even for commercial purposes as well. So, if you are the one who is struggling with high electricity bills in South California, solar energy can be your new choice to lower power bill with minimum maintenance cost and compact performance. At 1st Choice Solar Construction, we ensure that we offer most customized, affordable & premium solar energy options to the homeowners & professional enterprises as well.

Why choose Solar Energy?

  • Excessive Savings

Unlike conventional and usual means of energy for your home or business, by installing Solar energy you will be able to save bucks in every month. And in case if you are getting it for a business, the same range of savings could vary from hundreds to thousands over the period of years. Lower power bill of electricity means that you could have an opportunity to invest the same savings for other significant endeavors.

  • Versatility

It is one of the most tremendous features of the solar energy that it could be used for diversified purposes. On one hand, it enables the homeowners to generate electricity while on the other side, even heat could be produced too. Even in such areas which are relatively remote in South California, solar energy assists in producing electricity without using energy grid, distill waters or power satellites.

  • Modern Sophistication

Solar energy, although has flourished big time, however, its technology implications are constantly advancing which are certain to intensify in near future. 1st Choice Solar Construction provides technologically complete solar solutions on your roofs which remain sustainable, durable and high quality for a longer run.

  • Increase Your Home’s Value

According to research studies, such homes which have solar energy panels installed on their roofing, their market worth elevates up to a great deal in comparison to conventional residences. 1st Choice Solar Construction professionals work right in compliance with this aspect to enhance the value of your property significantly.

  • Sustainability

Besides lowering your bills and overall electricity charges, the maintenance cost associated with solar energy is quite reduced than other means of obtaining electricity. Our installed solar system comes free from wear & tear, however, there might be cleaning cost but that is only twice a year and offered in a cost-effective manner.

  • Eco-friendly

Southern California Solar works perfectly for the wellness for our ambiance and overall environment, its omission of harmful substances is almost equal to none which means you could play your role towards the betterment of society by getting your solar solutions installed from 1st Choice Solar Construction.

Why choose 1st Choice Solar Construction?

We offer an affordable, advanced, compact & premium level of solar energy solutions which do not only decrease your financial burdens but the efficiency level is on the peak too. Our professionals are well versed & fully trained to install & get the system running for you without any complication ever so effectively. Whether you have business enterprises, commercial or residential properties, 1st Choice Solar Construction takes responsibility for all of it in all over South California.

photography by: Viviana Rishe

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