• P M.

    P M.

    1st Choice Solar Construction is amazing! They are extremely knowledgable and make everything easy to understand.  They provided my family with quality work, excellent customer service, and reasonable pricing. I highly recommend anyone that is looking to do any sort of remodeling, construction, or thinking about going solar, call Luis or Tony. You will not be disappointed!
  • Robert G.

    Robert G.

    Very impressed! These guys helped me add a room and upgrade all my windows and AC. It was a very simple process to get financed and Luis helped me every step of the way. I got cheaper quotes from other companies, but I was very pleased with the quality of work and the support they provided. Definitely recommending this company!
  • Anthony S.

    Anthony S.

    Great Company, easy to work with,Honest!
  • Dale S.

    Dale S.

    I looked and spoke with many solar companies when I started to look into doing solar in my home and 1St Choice was the ones that explained everything in detail on what I was going to get. They came in with the best price and after the installation they did a GREAT job. Everything they told me they did and even though I have only had the system for a short time it is working way better then I thought it would. If you are looking to do solar for your home or business this is the company you want to call
  • H. P.

    H. P.

    It's really incredible how much we've been saving on our energy costs since we had the solar system set up in our home last year. Hiring Tony at 1st Choice Solar was a blessing. He was professional, prompt and delivered on every promise he made to us. I highly recommend him and his team as we are totally satisfied with his work and product.
  • Crystal W.

    Crystal W.

    I had the opportunity to meet with Kevin from 1st Choice Solar. Everything he explained made perfect sense. I've had a few solar presentations but no one compared to the one he did! I appreciate the education and I will be referring Kevin to my family and friends. Installation soon to be done! Thank you Kevin!
  • Tony H.

    Tony H.

    1st Choice Solar is my dream job. We have helped countless clients save the planet and save money. The best thing about our company is that we offer solar the right way. We offer zero down financing through various programs. What ever is best for our clients we do. We educate on very simple facts! 1. Solar is not a new expense. 2. It's more than affordable because we assess our clients' current situation (usage/spending) and size their systems accordingly. We create proposals based on real numbers (using historical data over 40 years for both solar production and how much the utility has raised rates). I love my company, because I do not have to lie about anything, I'm healing the planet and helping homeowners save money and make money going solar. Our average client receives $8,400 back on their taxes because they own the solar asset and the tax credit! I feel great about our team and our future. For the record I am one of two owners and am not a sales person. There has been a fake review written on me, all of you readers will see the countless great reviews that are soon to come because we just took over this account which was set up by an ex-sales manager who is no longer with us. If you have read this far down I want to say thank you and God bless. I want to bless everyone I can and do right by as many homeowners as God allows me to. Thank you again for reading and I only wish the best for all!
  • Adrian V.

    Adrian V.

    I'm very happy with my family's products and services from 1st Choice Solar.

    The team was very professional from start to the finish. And now that we're experiencing net metering credits we could not be happier. Thank you 1st Choice Solar for your great work!
  • Sidney C.

    Sidney C.

    1st Choice Solar really exceeded my expectations for any Solar company. They helped my family get the best deal on our system and didn't hassel us while we compared with some other companies... the salesmans service was great. My mother who is a true skeptic actually felt that he always had our best interest in mind when it came to making the switch from the power company to owning the right amount of solar. The installation team worked clean and quick. Since I also have  had family in construction it was nice to see a really respectful and clean crew show up on time! & It's nice when your dealing with pe ople who treat you like family too.  If we had known solar was this easy we'd have done it years ago.  Thanks 1st choice solar!
  • Clif M.

    Clif M.

    My wife and I was tired of paying enormous bills here in Desert Hot Springs. Highest bill was 700$ we had to do something. 1st Choice Solar came out and explained how solar will help us first and foremost save money and the system it's actually ours after it's paid off. No leasing!! Did I say it's saving us money$$$. I strongly recommend going 1st Choice as they know how to get the job done. Call 844 292 3700 tell them Clif referred you!
  • Karen S.

    Karen S.

    I would like to thank Tony for taking his time explaining how 1st choice solar works . My husband and I were not aware of how much money we could be saving by going solar . I honestly feel like we often pay too much on electricity itself,  specially summer time with the a.c. running all day . I now know 1st choice solar panels has the highest efficiency per square foot of roof space. This allows us to use less panels to produce the same amount of power.  I encourage people to try it and see for themselves .   Thank you for everything .
  • Joe R.

    Joe R.

    Can't say enough good things about 1st Choice Solar. Tony, Carlos, and the whole crew did an outstanding job. I've recently had a lot of contractors remodeling my home and for anyone going through these types of things know it's hard to find someone who does what they say and on time. 1st Choice Solar was in and out with absolutely no issues. Tony and Carlos will definitely treat you and your family right.

    Thanks again guys
  • Tony R.

    Tony R.

    Great company. Very reliable and professional.
    The owners of the company have alot of experience and are awesome people to be around
  • Ryan K.

    Ryan K.

    1st Choice Solar helped my family go solar and it was a great experience! Their work was clean and efficient. They made it affordable for my family, and educated us on the tax credit benefits. We are very happy to have selected 1st Choice Solar for our renewable energy system!
  • Mathew M.

    Mathew M.

    This is a great organization. Reliable and gets the job done fast. They really take care of their people and make sure their needs get taken care of first. I love 1st choice solar construction
  • Missy R.

    Missy R.

    One of the BEST DECISIONS I've made was choosing 1st Choice Solar.  I had been researching all the pros and cons of Solar Panels for over a year then started to receive quotes.  It was 1st Choice Solar who offered the best value, top of the line products and outstanding customer service hands down.  Seriously, I saved thousands of dollars.  

    Let me tell you about Tony Holder.  He's honest, trustworthy, a man with integrity that has a vast knowledge of this industry and is compassionate about what he does.  He walked me through the entire process and made suggestions on how I can make an impact of saving money and obtaining an energy efficient home.  One of the suggestions was to change my pool pump for an energy efficient pump which would save me money in the long run and that would keep me from purchasing additional solar panels to help supply the extra energy to have it continue running.

    From start to finish took less than 30 days.  However, the actual install took only a few days.  The process took some time since I had to apply for a loan while they had to contact the city for approval of the plans they drew up, permits sign-off, Edison to connect the power etc... They take care of al those details.  The work was done quickly and smoothly.  The guys installing the panels were always polite and cleaned up after themselves.

    My energy production is phenomenal.  I've had my solar panels now for over a year I can say that I have paid $0 to SCE in 2016 and received a check from EDISON in January for $110.44  Keep in mind I have a pool and love to put up lots of lights during the holidays from October - December. Just like the Griswolds.

    PLUS, I received 30% of the total cost back from the IRS. What a great feeling I had when I cashed that check.

    Let's put this in terms one can understand:
    * I SAVED THOUSANDS of $$$ choosing 1st Choice Solar
    * Received 30% back from the IRS
    * 18-month Interest Free loan
    * $0 payments for electricity in 2016
    * Received money back from SCE for $110.44
    * Received the BEST Customer Service from Tony Holder at 1st Choice Solar

    Needless to say, I'm HAPPY with the choice in using 1st Choice Solar and so pleased with all the money I have saved.  Thanks Tony!
  • Katherine B.

    Katherine B.

    1st Choice Solar helped me realize the power of owning my energy! I wish I could've met them earlier in life. I am very satisfied with my end result. If you are on the fence with going solar, I will be the first to tell you to do it. I put $0 down and my solar monthly payments are less than my old electric payments. They have made this a very easy and personal experience for me. They have walked me throughout this process, step by step, even after my installation was complete! First Choice Solar has my vote!
  • Cecelia M.

    Cecelia M.

    We have had our solar for over a year now and love the positive impact we get to make for our planet and we really thought the company had great costumer service. While a few mishaps happened with our panels the instant I let the company know they had someone out and fixing our panels ASAP. We really appreciate the speed and seriousness they responded with.

    They were also very helpful with helping us find reasonable financing options and walked us through this whole process.

    The solar panels look very nice and we are very happy with our finished project. Thank you so much.
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