Drywall Facts
  • Drywall is a sheet product combining a layer of gypsum and a layer of backing material.
  • Gypsum is an abundant and naturally occurring mineral that is low in cost and fire-resistant. The backing material is often made of paper or fiberglass.
  • Specialty drywall products are optimized for insulative value, moisture-resistance, additional fire-resistance and for exterior application.
Our Process
  • Drywall is equally suitable for residential and commercial projects.
  • Once our team of artisans have hung the drywall sheets, the next step is to tape the seams.
  • The seam tape is historically manufactured from paper, however, now more commonly made with a composite mesh.
  • This mesh will best prevent cracks from appearing as the structure shifts with time.
  • Once the drywall is taped and textured, the final step is to seal the prepared surface with a protective coating.
  • 1st Choice will ensure the drywall phase of your project is coordinated and executed in time with any additional trade services.
  • The finish of the drywall is informed by the design objectives we develop with your guidance and the variety of textures we offer can serve a range of purposes.
  • While a smooth hand troweled finish will provide a contemporary look, the heavier finishes better hide wall imperfections.
  • Radial curves, arches and recessed details are more easily implemented with gypsum’s versatility.
  • Drywall finishes mix and match well with natural wood and stone complements.